After Milan, the Mazda MX-5 Tour 2011 finally arrives in the south, in the homeland of the set and what a show! A marvel! Yeah, because the 5 in the Land of the Primitive" organized by Mazda Bari - in collaboration with Mazda Motor Italia, its sales network and RIM (Registro Italiano Mazda MX-5) - has really hosted us with open arms, giving us even a day of real vacation. The owners of the most sold spider have been greeted by bright sunshine and a stunning landscape made of long and wide beaches bathed by the crystal clear Ionian Sea.

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One Million Goal at the 3rd Meeting "MX-5 in the Land of the Primitive"
In no other place like in the southern part of our beautiful Italy you have the pleasure to enjoy of such a sincere and caring hospitality, that you can breathe from the morning at the headquarters of Mazda Autotrend of Taranto, where the staff of the dealership and RIM were ready to accommodate thothe participants: check in, breakfast - never eaten so good pastries - "1 Million goal" scream and group shots ... we were not at full capacity but as the saying we were "few but good" ... very good indeed.
Wellcome and withdrawal of the participation kit
There remains nothing than starting the morning path, destination Manduria, reached by the always colorful and compact Miata serpentine after having passed the coast of the Gulf of Taranto, crowded with bathers who sought refreshment in the wonderful sea ... what an envy!
MX-5 promenade on the coast of the Gulf of Taranto
We could not stop for a refreshing dip - even if all of us were tempted to leave for a few minutes our beloved MX-5 - but shortly after we found worthy consolation at the fresh wine cellars of the Cantina Produttori Vini Manduria... how are the Apulian wines good? And the orecchiette (typical pasta)? Mythical!
The visit of Mandurian’s wine cellars
With the batteries properly recharged, on depart again with the two admired Open Race leading the serpentine, direction Small Sea of Taranto. The limited traffic along the sunny roads surrounded by olive trees and aggressive driving forces behind the world's best selling Spider made us reach in just over half an hour the Relais Histó San Pietro.


Relais Histò!!!
Never seen a masseria so beautiful ... not by chance we felt like princes at a party when we settled down for a lunch of delicacies that are typical of Mediterranean cuisine and local specialties.
Lunch at the nice Relais Histò
The afternoon passes quickly away among a lot of talk, relax and delivery of the desirable plaques and the homage offered by Mazda Autotrend: a precious bottle of wine in memory of the 3rd Meeting of the dealer who is now in effect, a "classic of the season" expected and coveted by members of the RIM.
The delivery of the plaques
Needless to say: this beautiful scenery has made the perfect backdrop to the awards and the perfect setting for Thomas as he announced the winners. As always we start with the announcement of the "MX-5 che preferisco" (the favorite): the white Miatas of Massimiliano Signore and Dario Gambino, who, however, renounces very sportively to the extraction, because its beautiful M1 was elected the most beautiful of Milan ... "Great" Dario and of course congratulations to Massimiliano!
Massimiliano Signore and Lucia Buonfrate get the price for the most beautiful MX-5!
“Mx-5 Nata Ieri” (born yesterday) instead was found to be always a white MX-5, the glittering M3 of Stefania Pedalino and Costantino Cisonno of Bari.
Stefania Pedalino and Costantino Cisonno
The newest registration of the Rally, the now famous “Classica di domani” has been decreed the Miata of Arcangelo Pastoressa.
Arcangelo Pastoressa withdraws the award for the “Classica di domani”
Guinness Season the on of 2011 and Mazda Autotrend proudly boasts a record that will be hard to beat: as much as 59% of the participating crews were at their first rally! So the draws of the draws and the lucky winners were Cecilia and Raffaele Ippolito.
Raffaele and Cecilia Ippolito get the prize for the“La prima Volta”
For the Log Book chosen by RIM Ugo Albissini and Cinzia Colacicco have prevailed.
Ugo Albissini and Cinzia Colacicco
For the Log Book chosen by the dealer: the crew 18, Balbina and Aldo D'Antuono, with a shiny blue M2 were awarded, in addition to the gadgets offered by Mazda Motor Italia, a voucher for a free check up at MazdaMazda Autotrend.  
Balbina D’Antuono e Aldo Anelli receive the price of the Dealer
Now is the time of the first greetings: in fact, the group of regulars of the "anytime, anywhere with the RIM" coming from the center and north leave us to face the journey home - which is really long - watching with envy the lucky ones living in Puglia and that will be with us until the last mile of the 3rd Meeting "MX-5 in the Land of the Primitive." Kisses, hugs and a chorus of car horns divides the group and ... go, direction tourist marina of Taranto, where taking the eyes off the colors and sights so rare it's really hard!
Final greetings at the touristic harbour of Taranto
There is still time to enjoy a beautiful sunset, a few smiles and words in company but then it's really time to "break away" and end a Sunday that was unforgettable. With a note of sadness in my heart, here we are concluding the greetings but with a consolation: many of the passionate MX-5 owners will not miss the fabulous final of the Guinness Season, Sunday, September 25th in the entertainment capital Rimini.

A few more lines devoted to important thanks: heartfelt thanks for the hospitality, kindness and impeccable organization of Mazda Autotrend team - Francesca, Vincenzo, Giuseppe, Marcello e Gigi. And as always: thanks to Mazda Motor Italia and its team that allows us to tailor special events like this, so to give to the lucky owners of Mazda MX-5 always a front-row seat!

Thanks Mazda Autotrend
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