Seventh and final round of the 2011 season dedicated to all the lucky Mazda MX-5 owners who have managed to be among the rose of the members and attend the last event of the MX-5 tour 2011 calendar. I want to tell firsthand what are the emotions and feelings that I have lived with you during the day in the city (and surroundings) that seems to be titrated to us: RIM-INI! Good reading and viewing of all the photos and video summaries. Thomas

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Sunday, September 25th was a hot and sunny day: 24 degrees on average, clear sky and pleasant breeze. How not to get out early and then quietly approach the gathering at the square of Mazda Vernocchi? The first friends arrived early and then from 8.30 we have started our PR activity: kisses, hugs, handshakes and breakfast, while the 55 roadsters settled down neatly beside each other in order to accommodate all.

A look at the parking, that is getting full
This time I passed the baton to Danilo who - along with Ines and Mario of Mazda Vernocchi - accept and accredit the RIM members. A coffee and a croissant to help starting the day, while Lorenzo continues the work of parking the Miatas while I untangle the late-rite phone calls ("do not go away: Wait, I recommend")... manage some extravagant arrival (with the Bonarda, you never know what to expect). In the meantime Fabrizio studies the area for a group photo and captures many "new faces" who look amused and curious to the other crews of our regulars gatherings, which give color to this stage of the day while enjoying applying the adhesive number on the car. While I entertain giving details of the agenda and of the 2011 and 2012 Rallies Season, it is time to go: all posing for the photo and the propitiatory scream: 1 MILLION GOAL!
1 Million Goal
Quick brief and…start, all on board for the first driving session! Timing and logistics organization have been run for some time now: Fabrizio and Giordano (cameraman), throw themselves in the car so to place at established vantage points to turn video clips and take pictures; to earn their time, Ines deals with his camera portraits that we have nicknamed "RIM faces" and, simultaneously, Mario of Vernocchi Mazda and Danilo open on a CX-7 the caravan of the best-selling roadster in the world including two Open Race! Keeping the "group" compact and united is almost an art, especially if the first part of the route goes through a city. At the same time, I check if the seat belts are fastened, commit Log Book which will be filled with dedication during lunch time and I verify that all MX-5have reset the trip odometer and the Co-Driver has carefully opened the road book and pass the notes to its drivers properly. The centre of Rimini welcomes the coloured ribbon of MX-5 until the coast that will dispatch to Riccione and Cattolica, arousing interest and clamour among the many tourists who flock to the coast even in these hot days of early autumn. The Mazda CX-7, the leader of the caravan, intercalates cruising speed so as to have in its wake a compact size of crews, always in direct communication with the car tail (Ines and Lorenzo) to make sure that "harvest" any "missing"!
Attention passing by of MX-5 Open Race!!!
And while the "battery" is fun to chase and straights up and down the beautiful scenic Romagna (Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica, Morciano di Romagna, Montescudo until you get to Savioli in Sassofeltrio), after collecting the materials useful for the event being loaded on our large Mazda 5, I call the restaurant to tell the actual number of guests and cutting the path I reach early the arrival of the first stage: Sassofeltrio, Ristorante Savioli, whose staff members are very busy in preparing.
I finish to set up the room: distribute the menus on the table already laid, place the two totems of RIM in a strategic position within the room. Then, I go down in the open area outside Savioli, reserved to our caravan. In fact, our more than 50 Miatas fit like a puzzle the rectangle of asphalt. Bells ring 12 am and announce the arrival of Fabrizio and Giordano, positioned over the last two turns placing the MX-5 in the square.
Double hairpin turn for our 50 MX-5
And here they are, our "girls" come in, one after the other, in a neat row, and obediently follow the strict guidelines imposed by me to accommodate all for the prolonged visit. The last, closes a series of color MX-5 that the "neck" of this small town in the province of Pesaro / Urbino, gives a different light, like a rainbow in a wonderful day.
Alignment finished
The dining room of the restaurant comes alive with a bang. The efficiency of the RIM members is oiled, 18 of them are at their first meeting, but sitting at the table you know each other easily and then become inseparable as has happened to the Bonarda group.
The tables are slowly being composed
The food brings people together: and indeed, the room gave off a pretty typical energy and pleasure of being amiably together ... and while my colleagues and I enjoyed the positive atmosphere and a little chat 'with everyone, we collected the logbooks and distribute plaques for "shots"! The lunch break is always a very important relationship moment for me and my colleagues of RIM, in which the valuable feedback of the old shareholders and "newbie" do nothing but add to our wealth of experience and support us to develop the routine activities and put in the pipeline of new!
The delivery of the plaques
The belly is full and the sun, relentless, continues to smile, the square looks like a watercolor so inviting that we can not avoid a second group photo. All together, before leaving for the second ride, to the final goal of the Gathering.
Cake, cake, cake!
Bordering San Patrignano Faetano and Coriano, we arrive at your destination: the Rimini seafront where our "bridge" to the threshold of the pier in the city that gave birth to Fellini, which in one way or another the gathering is dedicated, certainly arouses amazement and admiration.
The friendly intruder
And now the awards on the "dock": what better stage to offer but the hood of one of the great Open Race that escorted us during every event of the "Guinness Season "! The first prize is dedicated to the crews at their first meeting, as many as 9, and the fate rewards the crew n. 18 of Angelo and Carla Maria Giusti Frattini of the province of Ancona.
Angelo and Maria Carla coming from Ancona
The “most beautiful” MX-5 is decreed, with twelve votes, the number 11 of Antonio Del Chiaro and Paola Pardini from Versilia
Antonio Del Chiaro and Paola Pardini from Versilia
Then we have the great pleasure to award as MX-5 “Born Yesterday” the great M3, registered at the beginning of September 2011, with the number 19 belonging to Gianluca Gelfi and Giuliana Baggi of Bergamo.
Gianluca Gelfi and Giuliana Baggi coming from Bergamo
The “Classico f Tomorrow” is the Miata of 1989 belonging to Antonio Tortorelli and Corinzia Pacifico of Trento.
Antonio Tortorelli and Corinzia Pacifico di Trento
The basket of gourmet food and wine offered by Mazda dealership Vernocchi, is won by the most beautiful Log Book: crew n. 23 of Raffaele and Costanza Ippolito from Rome.
Raffaele and Costanza Ippolito coming from Rome
While RIM has chosen the Logbook of Giancarlo Pranzetti and Marta Buroni, also from Rome.
Giancarlo Pranzetti and Marta Buroni
Carried out the last awards of the 2011 Season, all together we have a walk on the pier and we sit down to Rockisland of Rimini, a historian local who faces the sea to catch a romantic sunset and later we enjoy a rich aperitif that reduces the sadness typical of the leave, especially from a successful season like this!  
A last look to the sea
Last chapter dedicated to the thanks: thanks to all the Staff of Mazda Vernocchi (Marco, Mario, Roberto and Lorenzo), thanks to Mazda Motor Italia, thanks to Fabrizio, who has not failed one of the events of the season, thanks to Danilo that, for the last event of the year, wanted to see the rally from another point of view, thanks to the great "Aunt" (Ines) who followed our movements in the remote and did not want to miss the last meeting season, thanks to "Calorina" newcomer of the 2011 season, thanks to Miriam and Rita "Captain Finance". See you next year and stay, always, tuned!
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